1.9 kilometres in the Aurlandsfjord. Full wetsuit is mandatory, and neoprene socks and caps/hood are allowed, and recommended. Neoprene gloves may be allowed, deepening on the water temperature, and should brought to Aurland. The start will from Laguna Beach in Aurland.


98 kilometres from Aurland, over Aurlandsfjellet (1320 meters above sea level), down to the small village of Erdal by the fjord, back the same way over the mountain to Aurland, and another 10 kilometres to Vassbygdi, at the eastern end of the lake Vassbygdi-vatnet (T2). Total elevation: 3100+ meters.

About 21 kilometres from Vassbygdi (T2) up the valley of Aurlandsdalen to Østerbø. The first 2 kilometres are flat, the remaining 19 kilometres are not: total elevation on the run leg is around 1100 meters. Support people are allowed to follow you up the valley, but each athlete must carry their own backpack containing all their gear.




The Aurland fjord is part of the West Norwegian fjord landscape, and it is among the world’s longest and deepest.

It is considered among the most scenically outstanding anywhere. Its exceptional natural beauty is derived from their narrow and steep-sided  crystalline rock walls that rise up to 1,400 m from the Norwegian Sea and extend 500 m below sea level. The steep walls of the fjords have numerous waterfalls and free-flowing rivers from the surrounding glaciers, and you may even see one of the many seals and harbor porpoises which live in the Aurland fjord.


The climatic conditions in this part of Norway may be extreme. Since the very first AXTRI in 2010, the water temperature in the fjord has varied from 8 to 20 degrees Celsius. Similarly, the temperature may drop below the freezing point on top of the mountain on the bike leg, even in August. In contras, the run up Aurlandsdalen has seen temperatures close to 30 degrees Celsius. So prepare for all conditions, you never know what adventures you will endure!


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Aurlandsvangen, 5745 Aurland